Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Open Access Journal: Numismatic Literature

Numismatic Literature
ISSN: 0029-6031
Numismatic Literature is the Society's annotated bibliography of published work in all fields of numismatics. At its core NumLit is a text archive that supports multiple delivery formats, one that is designed for longevity in the face of rapid technological innovation. For users, NumLitNumLit is very much "under development" and comments are very welcome. currently exists as subject and author indexes that are regularly updated as new titles are entered. The titles are also listed in the reverse order of when they were added. Please note that
NumLit is a community effort so that we also wish to thank the regional editors. We will be working to establish new procedures for accepting entries, including on-line submission, and welcome preliminary indications from anyone who might be interested in participating.
NumLit 144, 145, 146, 147, 148 and 149 are currently available in the following formats, the first three of which are automatically generated from the last:

149 [2005] (In preparation)
148 [2004] (In preparation)
147 [2003] (Available from Oxbowbooks. Search for "numismatic literature".)
146 [2002] (Available from Oxbowbooks. Search for "numismatic literature".)
145 [2001] (Available from Oxbowbooks. Search for "numismatic literature".)
144 [2000] (Available from Oxbowbooks. Search for "numismatic literature".)


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