Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Play with POV Audio Description - Common Criminal 2008 - Scene 1

In November 2008 we remounted my London Fringe production of Common Criminal.  An experiment in alternative descriptive audio, wherein, instead of a third person narrator, the description is mainly voiced by included characters of the (DVS) Memory, played by Debbie Gillespie, who was concealed from the audience.  Debbie is actually blind, so it was an interesting process to develop the description.  And the Voice Over for the thoughts of Gregory McPherson, played by singer song writer Sean Peever, who also performs all the music in the show.  The show was performed at the Tranzac Club in Toronto, with the audience using typical audio description receivers..   Those who chose to use them were treated to an entirely secret and eerie layer to the story. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you. . .

Common Criminal - Scene One  (with transcription and POV audio Description)

Common Criminal: A Dark Drama Written and Directed by Wanda C. Fitzgerald

THE STORY: A Dark Drama Based on Real Events. Befriended by a charming stranger, Maureen, a blind employee of Avon Probation Services, discovers she is being systematically stalked by a man convicted of the brutal rape and murder of a disabled woman. Will further incarceration detour his goals, or simply postpone them? This unique drama features original live music, experimental POV Descriptive narration, interpretive dance and and integrated cast of blind and sighted actors.

Geoff Gilmour-Taylor (McPherson)
Sean Peever (music, descriptive voice over of McPherson's thoughts.)
Debbie Gillespie (DVS Memory)
Wanda Fitzgerald (Grace, The Memory)

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