Monday, October 4, 2010

Open Access Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions

Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions
The objective of the CSAI project, which began in 1999 is to collect the published Ancient South Arabian inscriptions.

New corpora have been added in recent years: the catalogue of the British Museum inscriptions, and those of a number of Yemeni museums. For the first time, texts written in minuscule writing are also included into the database. Up to the present, the published corpus of non-monumental texts from south Arabia is relatively small, but a big edition of new texts is going to be published.

n.b.:  Contacts contains e-mails of the CSAI team. Anyone interested in accessing the site should apply by email for obtaining a password which is personal and free.

South Arabian Inscriptions

icona All the inscriptions
Single corpora by language
icona Corpus of Inscriptions from the Yemeni Museums
icona Corpus of Inscriptions from the British Museum

South Arabian Minuscule Texts

icona South Arabian Minuscule Texts

Other Semitic Inscriptions

icona Corpus of Phoenician Inscriptions from the Beirut National Museum
icona Corpus of Inscriptions from Jordan

Demo version

icona Try the demo version of CSAI

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