Thursday, September 16, 2010

Open Access Journal: The CSBS/SCÉB Bulletin

The CSBS/SCÉB Bulletin
Canadian Society of Biblical Studies -- Société canadienne des Études bibliques
ISSN 0068-970X
The links below lead to files that replicate the current print edition of the CSBS/SCÉB Bulletin, with the exception of the Membership Directory, which has not been posted in order to protect members’ privacy. Beginning in 2009 the Bulletin is published online only, with the exception of hard copies that are placed in the National Library in Ottawa and the CSBS Archives at Queen's University.
The individual files are configured as Adobe Acrobat .pdf (Portable Document Format). The Acrobat Reader is necessary to read them; if you do not have this software, please go to the Adobe website, where you can download a free copy for any of the major computing platforms.
  • The CSBS/SCÉB Bulletin, Volume 70 (2010-11):
  • The CSBS/SCÉB Bulletin, Volume 69 (2009-10):
  • The CSBS/SCÉB Bulletin, Volume 68 (2008-09):
  • The CSBS/SCÉB Bulletin, Volume 67 (2007-08):
  • The CSBS/SCÉB Bulletin, Volume 66 (2006-07):
Introductory Material
2001 Presidential Address
2001 Annual General Meeting Minutes
2001 Financial Statements
2001-02 Membership News
  • The CSBS/SCÉB Bulletin, Volume 60 (2000-01):
Introductory Material
2000 Presidential Address

2000 Annual General Meeting Minutes

2000 Financial Statements

2000-01 Membership News
  • The CSBS/SCÉB Bulletin, Volume 59 (1999-2000):
Introductory Material
1999 Presidential Address

1999 Annual General Meeting Minutes

1999 Financial Statements

1999-2000 Membership News
version française

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