Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Croatian Open Access Archaeology Journals

[First posted on AWOL on 1/22/09, updated 30 November May 2012]

Hrcak: Portal of scientific journals of Croatia 
Acta Turistica Nova ISSN:1846-4394

Anali Zavoda za povijesne znanosti Hrvatske akademije znanosti i umjetnosti u Dubrovniku ISSN:1330-0598

Annales Instituti Archaeologici ISSN:1845-4046

Archaeologica Adriatica ISSN:1846-4807

Asseria ISSN:1334-2479

Biblical Perspectives ISSN:1330-1497

Building and Stone-masonry ISSN:0353-7897

Bulletin of the International Association for Paleodontology e-ISSN:1846-6273

Contributions of Institute of Archaeology in Zagreb ISSN:1330-0644

Cris: Journal of the Historical Society of Križevci ISSN:1332-2567

Dubrovnik Annals ISSN:1331-3878
Historical Contributions ISSN:0351-9767

Histria antiqua ISSN:1331-4270

Histria archaeologica ISSN:0350-6320

HISTRIA The Istrian Historical Society Review ISSN:1848-1183

Holon e-ISSN:1848-3518

Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems ISSN:1334-4676 e-ISSN:1334-4676

Journal - Institute of Croatian History ISSN:0353-295X

Journal of Dalmatian archaeology and history ISSN:1845-7789

Journal of the Zagreb Archaeological Museum ISSN:0350-7165

Media, Culture and Public Relations ISSN:1333-6371

Opuscula Archaeologica Papers of the Department of Archaeology ISSN:0473-0992

Podravina: scientific multidisciplinary research journal ISSN:1333-5286

Portal, the Yearbook of the Croatian Conservation Institute

Povijesni zbornik: godišnjak za kulturu i povijesno nasljeđe ISSN:1846-3819

Radovi / Institute for Historical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zadar ISSN:1330-0474

Starohrvatska prosvjeta ISSN:0351-4536

The Museum Courier. Organ of the Museums of Northwestern Croatia ISSN:0350-9370

The Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Croatia ISSN:0350-2589

The Review of Senj ISSN:0582-673X

The Yearbook of the Varaždin City Museum ISSN:0351-7926

All told, the Hrčak portal serves:
  • Journals: 320
  • Issues: 6735
  • Articles without full text: 5182
  • Articles with full text: 85212

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