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Online Kom Firin Publication from the BM

New from the British Museum

Kom Firin I: the Ramesside temple and the site survey

View  of the south-eastern part of Kom Firin, looking north

Neal Spencer with a contribution by Květa Smoláriková

British Museum Research Publication 170
ISBN 978-086159-170-1
© The Trustees of the British Museum 2008

The first monograph on British Museum fieldwork at Kom Firin in Egypt’s Nile Delta, a settlement created around the time of Ramses II, and occupied until late Antiquity.

The Ramesside temple and the site survey (pdf 1.53mb)


Figures 12 (pdf 788kb)

Figures 351 (pdf 4.16mb)

Colour plates

Plates 125 (pdf 4.25mb)

Plates 2673 (pdf 4.15mb)

Plates 7495 (pdf 2.97mb)

Plates 96133 (pdf 5.56mb)

Plates 134167 (pdf 4.54mb)

Plates 168252 (pdf 5.87mb)

Plates 253265 (pdf 1.77mb)

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