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Open Access Journal: Gouden Hoorn

Gouden Hoorn, Golden Horn: Journal of Byzantium
Gouden Hoorn (Golden Horn), Journal of Byzantium is published by Godiva Éditions on the initiative of the Council of Independent Byzantinists (Onafhankelijk Byzantinologen Overleg, OBO), that was founded on 29th November, 1991. The OBO aims at informing and bringing together lovers of Byzantium. The OBO hopes to reach its goal by publishing Gouden Hoorn twice a year.

Gouden Hoorn is published in a paper version as well as on this website. If you would like to receive Gouden Hoorn by snail-mail in the paper version, let us know by e-mail. If you live in the Netherlands, you can subscribe by sending Dfl. 15 to our giroaccount 6084462 in Amsterdam, which is the charge for one volume with two issues.

Gouden Hoorn is edited by Annabelle Parker and André de Raaij. Jan Pieter Kunst is webmaster of the Gouden Hoorn site.

Copyright of the articles is with each author. Articles can be reproduced only after consulting the editors and not without mentioning the source. The editors have aimed at settling copyright according to statutory regulation. Those who nevertheless think they are entitled to certain rights, can apply to the editors.

Gouden Hoorn can be contacted via P.O. Box 16410, NL-1001 RM Amsterdam, The Netherlands, or via our e-mail-address:

Gouden Hoorn (printed edition) = ISSN 0929-7820


(January 6, 2002): Volume 9, issue 1 (winter 2001-2002) is now online.

Older news

Index of previous issues

Volume 8, issue 2 (spring 2001) Volume 4, issue 2 (winter 1996-1997)
Volume 8, issue 1 (summer-fall 2000) Volume 4, issue 1 (summer 1996)
Volume 7, issue 2 (winter 1999-2000) Volume 3, issue 2 (winter 1995-1996)
Volume 7, issue 1 (summer 1999) Volume 3, issue 1 (summer 1995)
Volume 6, issue 2 (winter 1998-1999) Volume 2, issue 2 (winter 1994-1995)
Volume 6, issue 1 (summer 1998) Volume 2, issue 1 (summer 1994)
Volume 5, issue 2 (winter 1997-1998) Volume 1, issue 2 (winter 1993-1994)
Volume 5, issue 1 (summer 1997) Volume 1, issue 1 (summer 1993)

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