Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Open Access Journals: La rivista Siti

La rivista Siti: Trimestrale di politica ed attualità culturale
L'Associazione Città e Siti Italiani Patrimonio Mondiale UNESCO is constituted
  • to organise initiatives safeguarding inscribed world heritage sites and co-ordinate programmes and projects to be presented to local authorities and international bodies.
  • to encourage a policy of exchanging information and experience about how varying Comunes encountered and then solved problems: to promote education initiatives in cooperation with education authorities.
  • to promote training initiatives for both public administration and non-public administration staff working in heritage sites in cities of artistic importance. This cooperation involves working with universities and public and private research bodies.
  • to plan tourism policies and the distribution of images that meet the expectations of Comunes whose territories house world heritage sites.
  • to promote collaboration and co-operation between similar associations that should be founded in Italy and members of A.N.C.I. (National Association of Italian Comunes). Promotion should also include international associations with the same aims, particularly with Unesco.
  • La rivista Siti publishes articles related to these efforts.
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