Friday, August 7, 2009

Admin: AWOL by Email

In the righthand side bar is a form allowing you to receive notifications of updates to AWOL by email. This seems useful for those for whom news feeds are not. Your address will be safe. Neither AWOL nor feedburner will send spam. Since I announced this feature in early June, nearly three hundred people have joined the list.

If you are reading this in a newsreader you will have to click through to see the form in the sidebar. If you are reading this by email you have already done what's required. The sofware requires a confirmation of your request to join, and the fact that several have not confirmed makes me suspect that the confirmation requests are being trapped in spam filters. I'll be contacting all those people separately.

Finally. Please use the comment function available on each posting if you have something to say. And if you know of something I should consider including, please let me know (cejo at uchicago dot edu)

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