Monday, February 23, 2009

Open Access to Giza Occasional Papers

Ancient Egypt Research Associates is offering GOP2 in open access format:

Giza Plateau Mapping Project Season 2005 Preliminary Report
By Mark Lehner, Mohsen Kamel, and Ana Tavares. With contributions by Ashraf abd el-Aziz, Banu Aydinoglugil, Tove Björk, Lauren Bruning, Justine Gesell, Anies M. Hassan, Günter Heindl, Dan Hounsell, Ed Johnson, Yukinori Kawae, Jessica Kaiser, Freya Sadarangani, Tim Stevens, James Taylor, Derek Watson, Tom Westlin, and Ali Witsell
Ancient Egypt Research Associates, Inc.
ISBN: 0-9779370-0-3

Notes: Introduction; Area Clearing and Mapping; Excavations in 2005; Mapping Late Period Burials Conservation

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